A Proud Tradition of Excellence


Mark Murani began theatre acting at the age of 9 and continued into adulthood, appearing in numerous play productions in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. He began his theatre training around the same time at the Studio Arena Theatre in Buffalo.

After a stint in the Marine Corps., Mark went to college where he attained his B.A. in Education with a minor in Theatre and would later complete his Masters in Education as well. Mark began teaching high school social studies and drama, and produced and acted in his first independent film at the age of 27. Even though he continued to teach his first love had always been the theatre, so at the age of 27 he produced and acted in his first independent film.

Inspired by his achievements of this venture, Mark decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue work as a film actor. He has studied at “The Actor’s Edge” Studio, and has recently completed two years at the famous Groundlings Theatre where he honed his Comedy Improv skills.

Mark has worked in such movies as “Transformers” and “The Good German” accomplishments on TV shows such as: “Criminal Minds”, “Shark”, “Pepper Dennis”, “The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman”, and “Lie to Me”. Mark’s has also worked as a stand-in on the ’09 blockbuster hit “Star Trek” and the critically acclaimed Showtime original program “Dexter” and most recently, a play entitled “Vintage Hitchcock: A Radio Play” at The Attic Theatre in Santa Ana.

Additionally, Mark has appeared in a few commercials and has produced/directed/acted in several recent independent productions: “Hollywood Vice”, “Broken Dolls”, “L.A.P.S.”, “Consumption”, “Last Resort”, “It’s Always Greener”, “The Method”, “Carmen 1.0”, “Target Kill” and many others.

Mark draws from both his teaching and acting background to create a positive learning environment that employs tried and true theory, and practical application. His goal is to instill in within his students the skills needed to handle life’s situations with poise and confidence, and to send them out into the entertainment world fully prepared at all levels of an actor’s career.